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BlogrCart Theme Cheat Sheet

Theme: BlogrCart Mukabuku Elite
Version: 1.0
Release: October 2015
Last Updated: October 2015


1.0 Install BlogrCart Themes

General install & how to setup quickly BlogrCart themes.

2.0 Theme Overview

Explanations of custom widgets & settings used for BlogrCart themes.

3.0 Store Setups

3.1 Currency Setup
Applied at: Store Config
currency_codecurrency codeA currency codeUSD
3.1.1 Custom Currency Setup
Applied at: Store Config
currency_methodcustomActivate custom currency methodnull
currency_codecurrency codeA currency codeUSD
currency_nametext/stringA currency nameUS Dollar
currency_symboltext/stringA currency symbol$
currency_delimitertext/stringA currency delimiter,
currency_decimaltext/stringA currency decimal.
currency_accuracyinteger/numberThe currency accuracy2
3.1.2 Currency Rates
Applied at: Store Config
currency_ratestrue or falseActivate currency options at checkoutfalse
3.1.3 Currency Options
Applied at: Currency Options Widget
Unlimited option values with specific mark-upSpecific mark-up appliesSelect currency options at checkout if currency_rates is set to truenull
3.2 Shipping Setup
Applied at: Store Config

shippingQuantity Rate

Add a method for shipping at checkout

shippingFlatRate - a flat rate shipping

shippingQuantityRate - a shipping rate based on the quantity of items in cart

shippingTotalRate - a shipping rate based on the percentage from the total amount in cart
shipping_rateinteger/numberShipping rate to apply.

If shippingTotalRate the amount entered is percentage (/100) based.
3.2.1 Shipping Average Weight
Applied at: Store Config & Shipping Config
shipping_methodshippingCustomTo activate shipping by average weight optionsnull
weight_maxinteger/numberThe maximum weight in cart.20
weight_averageinteger/numberThe average weight of an item in cart.0.25
weight_metrictext/stringThe items wight metrickg
3.2.2 Shipping Options
Applied at: Shipping Options Widget
Unlimited option values with specific mark-upSpecific mark-up appliesMapping out shipping select options at checkoutnull
3.3 Tax Setup
Applied at: Store Config
tax_ratetrue or falseThe tax rate0
tax_shippingtrue or falseIf true calculates tax including shipping chargesfalse
3.4 Paypal Setup
Applied at: Store Config
paypal_emailemail addressEmail registered at Paypalnull
paypal_success_urlurlReturn success page url from Paypalnull
paypal_error_urlurlReturn error page url from Paypalnull
paypal_sandboxtrue or falseFor Paypal testing purposesfalse
paypal_currency_converttrue or falseActivate currency conversions at Paypal.false
paypal_currency_to_convertcurency codeThe currency to convert at Paypal.
This currency must be available as a currency options setup.
This currency must have a rate.
This currency must be a supported currency at Paypal
paypal_store_logourlCustomize Paypal checkout by adding a custom store logo.null
3.5 Send Order Email
Applied at: Email Config
my_store_emailemail addressAn email address to receive send order notificationnull
my_store_nametext/stringStore namenull
my_business_nametext/stringBusiness namenull
my_success_urlurlReturn success page url after success send orderblog homepage
my_error_urlurlReturn error page url after success send orderblog homepage
my_addresstext/stringDisplays the store business address at  email notificationnull
my_phone_1text/string/numberDisplays the store phone numbers address at  email notificationnull
my_note_1text/stringDisplays additional notes line 1 at  email notificationnull
my_note_2text/stringDisplays additional notes line 2 at  email notificationnull
my_note_3text/stringDisplays additional notes line 3 at  email notificationnull
my_note_4text/stringDisplays additional notes line 4 at  email notificationnull
my_pay_1text/stringDisplays payment indtructions line 1 at email notificationnull
my_pay_2text/stringDisplays payment indtructions line 2 at email notificationnull
my_pay_3text/stringDisplays payment indtructions line 3 at email notificationnull
my_send_shipping_optiontrue or falseSend user's shipping option to email notificationnull
my_currency_symboltrue or falseUpdate currency displayed at email notificationnull
my_new_delimitertext/stringUpdate delimiter used for prices at email notificationfalse
my_new_decimaltext/stringUpdate decimal used for prices at email notificationnull
my_new_accuracytext/stringUpdate accuracy calculations used for prices at email notificationnull

4.0 Theme Personalization 

4.1 Theme Helper
Applied at: Theme Config
index_display_column 1 /2 /3 / 4 / 6Number of columns to display products at gallery page4
index_display_cart_button true or falseDisplays the add to cart button at gallery pagesfalse
sub_button_text text/stringText displayed at Subscribe form buttonSubmit
sub_placeholder_text text/stringText displayed at Subscribe form input placeholderEmail Address

Show sidebar at all pages or custom locate sidebar displayfalse
4.2 Store Helpers
Applied at: Store Config
alert_cart_addedtext/stringNotification displayed when item has been added to cart.
alert_cart_emptytext/stringNotification displayed if shopping cart is empty.
shipping_other_alerttext/stringNotification displayed when item has been added to cart.
shipping_limit_alerttext/stringNotification displayed when items in cart exceeds weight limit if shippingCustom is activated
shipping_select_alerttext/stringNotification displayed when select options N/A is selected if shippingCustom is activated
shipping_weight_texttext/stringText displayed at shipping weight if shippingCustom is activated
shipping_select_texttext/stringTo update & change the default select optionChoose shipping destination
alert_submit_errortext/stringNotification displayed when send order form incomplete
store_maintenancetrue or falsePrevents access to send order page by disabling checkout buttonfalse
store_maintenance_texttext/stringNotification displayed when store_maintenance is activated
4.3 Instagram Setup
Applied at: Theme Config
instagramtrue or falseActivates Instagram plug-infalse
insta_hashtagtext/stringThe custom hashtag usedBlogrcart
insta_displayinteger/numberThe amount of post images to receive from Instagram
Max: 60


Type of tag to receive from Instagramtagged

Image resolution to received from Instagramlow_resolution






How the Instagram post images is sorted by.most-recent
insta_client_idvariesThe public client Id provided by Instagram.BlogrCart Public Id
4.4 Image Carousel
Applied at: Featured Config
featured_labeltext/stringThe specific posts by Label to display.

If none provided, shows recent published posts.
featured_max_resultsinteger/numberThe amount of posts to display10
featured_imagetrue or falseDisplays the posts imagestrue
featured_image_heightinteger/numberThe height of image carousel container & images.null
featured_default_imageurlThe url to an uploaded image if image not found
featured_buttontrue or falseTo display the click to action buttontrue
featured_button_texttext/stringThe text displayed at click to action button if featured_button is set to trueRead On
featured_summarytrue or falseDisplays the posts summarytrue
featured_summary_charsinteger/numberThe number of characters if featured_summary is set to true160
featured_pricetrue or falseDisplays the post pricestrue
featured_currency_aftertrue or falseLocate the currency symbol after the price if featured_price is set to truefalse
featured_statustrue or falseDisplays the product status if available.true
featured_destroytrue or falseTo deactivate image carouselfalse
image_slider_speedinteger/numberImage carousel transition speed in miliseconds400
image_slider_autoplaytrue or falseTiming in miliseconds the autoplay commenced4000

The style of transitionlinear
image_slider_fadetrue or falseUse the fade effectfalse
image_slider_autoplay_stoptrue or falseThe time in miliseconds the image carousel will stop
image_slider_infinitetrue or falseImage carousel goes to an infinite looptrue
image_slider_pause_on_hovertrue or falseImage carousel paus when mouse or touch hovertrue
4.5 Facebook
Applied at: Theme Config
fb_app_idvariesFacebook App IdBlogrCart App Id
fb_page_urlurlFacebook page url
fb_small_headertrue or falseDisplays Facebook page as small headersfalse
fb_adapt_container_widthtrue or falseFacebook page widths becomes responsivetrue
fb_heightnumber/integerThe width in pixels for Facebook page if fb_adapt_container_width is set to false320
fb_widthnumber/integerThe height in pixels for Facebook page if fb_adapt_container_width is set to false500
fb_hide_covertrue or falseHides Facebook page coverfalse
fb_show_facepiletrue or falseShows friends profile imagestrue
fb_show_poststrue or falseDisplays recent posts at facebook pagefalse
fb_hide_ctatrue or falseDisplays the click to action button at Facebook page (if available)false
fb_page_nametext/stringFacebook page namenull
fb_expiresnumber/integerThe amount in days the Facebook overlay greeting to re-activate to visitor1
fb_popuptrue or falseActivate Facebook overlay greetingfalse
fb_popup_titletext/stringThe text displayed as title at Facebook overlay greeting
fb_popup_contenttext/stringThe text displayed as body at Facebook overlay greeting
fb_button_urlurlThe url to link to at Facebook overlay greeting buttonnull
fb_button_texttext/stringThe text displayed at Facebook overlay greeting buttonVisit Page
fb_timernumber/integerThe timing in mili-seconds Facebook overlay greeting to activate upon users first visit5000
4.6 Related Product
Applied at: Related Config
related_max_resultsnumber/integerThe amount pof product posts to display10
related_titletext/stringDisplays the product titletrue
related_title_lengthnumber/integerThe character length for product title if related_title is set to true45
related_heading_titletrue or falseDisplays the heading titletrue
related_imagetrue or falseDisplays the product imagetrue
related_image_height number/integerThe height of the image
related_default_imageurlDisplays product status (if available)true
related_statustrue or falseDisplays the product post status (if available)true
related_pricetrue or falseDisplays the product post pricetrue
related_currency_aftertrue or falseDisplays the currency symbol after the price if related_price is set to truefalse
related_column_display1 / 2 /3 /4 /6Amount of columns the product posts displays in a single row4
related_destroytrue or falseDe-activate related posts plug-infalse
4.7 Recent Comments/Reviews
Applied at: Theme Config
comment_displaytrue or falseAmount of comments to display5
comment_max_feednumber/integerMax amount of comments to retrieve from API10
comment_avatartrue or falseDisplays the comment avatartrue
comment_avatar_sizenumber/integerAvatar image size in pixels60
comment_default_avatarurlThe url for default avatar if image not found
comment_blog_admintext/stringThe blog store name used as commentsnull
comment_bodytrue or falseDisplays the comments body true
comment_charsnumber/integerThe amount of characters displayed if comment_body is set to true160
comment_show_moretrue or falseDisplays the show more textfalse
comment_headingtext/stringDisplays as title heading text
Image Overlay Preview
image_modal_sizenumber/integerThe max size in pixels for image overlay480
image_modal_prevtext/stringThe image overlay toggle previous button
image_modal_nexttext/stringThe image overlay toggle next button
image_modal_destroytrue or falseSet to true to de-activate click & overlay functionsfalse

5.0 Custom Widgets

5.1 Social Icons & links
Applied at: Custom Widgets
variesvariesTo display social icons & linksnull
5.2 Dropdown Navigations
Applied at: Custom Widgets
variesspecificTo create main menu & dropdown navigationnull
5.3 Order Info
Applied at: Custom Widgets
text/stringvariesAdd in text to display at Post tab Info Sectionnull
5.4 Delivery Info
Applied at: Custom Widgets
text/stringvariesAdd in text to display at Post tab Delivery Sectionnull

6.0 Theme How To's

6.1 How to include default image (if none is found)?
6.2 How to include mobile Apps icons for Android & IOS devices?
6.3 How to change fonts & background colors?
6.4 How to activate Blogger Adsense ads placement?
6.5 How to deactivate paypal button?
6.6 How to deactivate send email checkout?
6.7 How to deactivate both checkout options?
6.8 How to automatically empty shopping cart after successful submitted order?