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Theme Personalization & Custom Settings

Full documentation how to install & customize this BlogrCart Blogger e-commerce store template with shopping cart using pre-installed Config widgets. Expand the panels to view the topic details, guides & instructions. This tutorial comes with videos to help guide users for further understanding & speed up installation process.

Use only what you need!
Add parameters in any order but only to the assigned Config Widget.
Click View Dashboard to view the Config Widget locations.
Store Set-up & Configuration
Custom Widgets & How To's

Important Blogger Theme Update - April 14 2016!
To allow the Theme Plug-ins gadget to register itself with your new theme setup, users are required to activate the HTML/Javascript gadget with the title Plugin or DoNotRemove Cart Plugins or Plug-ins Cart located at the bottom of theme Layout. Click Edit the said gadget & add some content to save it. View screenshot below for reference.

4.0 Theme Personalization

4.1 Custom Theme Helpers

Customizing your store theme basic layout made easy by settings as follows:-

LocationTheme Config
(Name Field)
Values to Set
(Links Field)

index_display_columnnumber/integerCustomize the display of product posts by columns grid at gallery pages (index pages).

Avail column views/display - 2 / 3 / 4 / 6

Default: 4 
index_display_cart_buttontrue or falseIf true Add to Cart button will display at products on gallery pages.

Default: false
sub_button_texttext/stringThe text displayed at Subscribe by Email button.

Default: I Want It!
sub_placeholder_texttext/stringThe text displayed as placeholder text for Subscribe by Email text input field

Default: Your Email Here...

If set to true the sidebar will be displayed on left side of theme layout on ALL pages.

If set sidebar_left the sidebar will display on the left side of theme layout on ALL pages.

Default: null

4.2 Store Helpers

Features text alert helpers to enhance users shopping at your store. Add in your custom text to display to help out users at your store.

LocationStore Config
(Name Field)
Values to Set
(Links Field)

alert_cart_addedtext/stringThe text or notification displayed when cart is added to cart.

Default: Your item has been added.

text/stringThe text or notification displayed when no.

Default: No items selected yet.
shipping_other_alerttext/stringThe text or notification displayed when shipping option value is ' ' (empty) to allow users to continue sending orders.

Default: Other shipping selected. Please continue to send orders.
shipping_limit_alerttext/stringThe text or notification displayed when items exceeds shipping limit weight.

Default: Items exceeds weight limit. Please reduce items selection.
shipping_select_alerttext/stringThe text or notification displayed when a shipping select option is N/A.

Default: Please select a shipping option
shipping_weight_texttext/stringThe text displayed at shipping weight update when users select a shipping option.

default: Est. weight:
alert_submit_errortext/stringThe text or notification displayed when form input required fields is not filled.

Default: Please check your form for errors. Thank you.
store_maintenancetrue or falseIf set to true the shopping cart dropdown will be hidden & users will not have access to the send order button/page.

A custom alert message text is displayed on pages & the add to cart button becomes slightly transparent.

This is to allow you to add items to cart & test your updates or promo code setup when accessing your send order page via Pages from your Blogger dashboard.

Very useful during template updates & promo code setups without interfering your current users shopping at your store.

Default: false
store_maintenance_texttext/stringThe text or notification displayed when store_maintenance is set to true (activated).

Default: We're sorry, currently our store is under maintenance. You can still shop at our website & any questions, please send it via our contact form.
send_order_urlurlUpdate the url to your Send Order page if however upon Pages upload/install Blogger changed the url provided in theme.

This usually happens if you have repeatedly upload the sample pages, or if you are installing from an existing blog.

Default: null

4.3 Instagram

The Instagram plug-in is just like any other available plug-in pre-intalled with theme. You can grab your Instagram images just by calling your custom hashtag used at Instagram.

To activate this feature, go to the Instagram widget add a parameter instagram with a value of true.

Location:Instagram Widget - To activate Instagram Plug-in.
Theme Config - To customize plug-in
(Name Field)
Values to Set
(Links Field)

Required to activate at Instagram Section
instagramtrueAt Instagram widget, add this parameter with a value true to activate Instagram plug-in.

Default: false
Customize Instagram Settings at Theme Config
insta_hashtagtext/stringNot available for Instagram Sandbox mode.

The hashtag used to display your Instagram images. The " # " is not required.

More Options
insta_displaynumber/integerThe total amount of images to display at the Instagram widget. Max images allowed by Instagram is 60.

Default: 12.
The get method to call Instagram images.

On Instagram Sandbox mode, only "user" get method is retrieved. If user sumbitted their Client, once approved, then all others methods can be used.

Default: user


The available image size provided by Instagram API.

If thumbnail image size (150px x 150px)

If low_resolution image size 306px x 306px.

If high_resolution image size 612px x 612px

Default: thumbnail 

Use one.






The sorting of the Instagram images displayed.

Default: most-recent

Use One


number/integerA unique ID provided by Instagram & instafeedjs website once verified for Instagram user authentication.

Get your instagram client ID's tutorial here

All parameters here are required.

4.4 Image Carousel

The image slider/carousel can be customized via the following set-ups.

Default: false
LocationFeatured Config
(Name Field)
Values to Set
(Links Field)

featured_labeltext/stringThe specific Label to display posts at image carousel.

If error retrieving the specified Label, the image carousel will not display.

Text written here is case sensitive & space are replaced with %20

By default the image carousel will display the most recent published posts. By inserting a valid Label used at your posts will overwrite this behavior & display the Labeled posts instead.

Default: recent
featured_max_resultsnumber/integerThe amount of post to retrieve from your Blogger store feed.

Warning: More post feed retrieved means more bytes to download.

Default 10
featured_imagetrue or falseDisplay the post images at image carousel.

Set to false to not show images.

Default: true
featured_image_heightnumber/integerSer the height of the image carousel in pixels.

If none provided the image carousel height uses CSS applied.

Default: null
featured_default_imageurlThe default image to display if an image is not found/retrieved from your blog posts.

featured_buttontrue or falseSet to true to display the click-to-action button at image carousel.

Default: false
featured_button_texttext/stringThe text to display if featured_button is set to true.

Default: Read More
featured_summarytrue or falseIf set to true displays the post image summary.

Set to false to de-activate display of post image summary.

Default true
featured_summary_charsnumber/integerThe amount of text characters to display at post image summary if featured_summary is set to true

Default: 160
featured_pricetrue or falseIf set to true displays the post image price.

Default: false
featured_currency_aftertrue or falseIf set to true displays the currency after the price text if featured_price is set to true.
featured_statustrue or false If set to true displays the post image status ( if available).

Default: false
featured_destroytrue If set to true deactivates image carousel plug-ins.
Image Slider/Carousel Settings settings at Featured Config
featured_speednumber/integer The timing in m/s the image slider transitions.

Default 400
featured_autoplaynumber/integer The timing in m/s the autoplay will commenced.

Default 4000
featured_autoplay_speednumber/integerThe timing in milliseconds the autoplay initiates.

Default is linear
featured_slidesToShownumber/integerThe number of slide to show.

Default 4
featured_breakpoint_mobilenumber/integerThe screen width in pixels the slider will target for responsive utilities.

Default: 768
featured_infinitetrue or false The images displayed on an infinite loop.

Default: true
featured_slidesToScrollnumber/integerThe number of slides to scroll.

Default 1

4.5 Facebook Pop-over, Comments & Fanpage Setup

This Blogrcart theme comes with an automated Facebook pop over-greeting, Facebook comments, Facebook Fanpage, Fb Likes which helps users connect your store with Facebook. Using Fb App allows you to use various data supplied at Facebook Developer page for further marketing strategies.

However, Fb Share plug-in utilize a custom plug-in which has been optimized for best sharing experience on any screen sizes.

Note: This setting here is also connected to the various Facebook Plug-in assets pre-installed with this BlogrCart theme, which includes, your Fb Fanpage display, likes & Fb comments. Customization on Facebook specific options will reflect how some Fb Plug-in assets displays.

LocationTheme Config
(Name Field)
Values to Set
(Links Field)

Required to activate
fb_popuptrue or falseSet to true to activate the Facebook Pop-over greeting functions.

The facebook fanpage displayed as per fb_url below.

Default: false
fb_app_idnumbers/integersThe App Id provided by Facebook Developer to activate & connect your Fb comments & Fb fanpages analytic data at Facebook.

This app id is required & you can create one easily with the detail tutorial provided.

By default this theme is using BlogrCart App Id made public at Facebook Developer.
fb_urlurlThe custom or default url for your Facebook fanpage at Facebook.

An example custom url provided by facebook for fan pages as follows:-

Example for Facebook page without a custom name:-

More Options
fb_page_nametext/stringYour Facebook fanpage name.

Strictly lowercase text with spaces replaced with underscore.

Example: irsah_indesigns 

Default: null
More Options - Facebook Specific
fb_expiresnumber/integerThe number in days your Facebook pop-over will re-activate upon users first visit. A value of 0 (zero) will be ignored.

If none is entered, this plug-in will be activated, for each users visit at any of your store page.

To test out your customization, set this value to none & refresh your Blog pages. Once satisfied with the custom settings, make sure to reset pop-over expires settings.

Default: 1
fb_small_headertrue or falseSet to true to display your a smaller header for your Facebook plug-in

Default: false
fb_adapt_container_widthtrue or falseSet to true to allow your Facebook page display according to the pop-over container size.

By default your Facebook page displays using Facebook given sizes which is 340px in width & 500px in height.

Default false
fb_heightinteger/numberIf fb_adapt_container_width is set to false the specific height in px your Facebook page displays.

Default 500.
fb_widthinteger/numberIf fb_adapt_container_width is set to false the specific height in px your Facebook page displays.

Default 340.
fb_hide_covertrue or falseIf set to true hides your Facebook page cover background image.

Default: false
fb_show_facepiletrue or falseIf set to true displays your fans faces below your Facebook page.

Default: false
fb_show_poststrue or falseIf set to true displays your Facebook page posts

Default: false

fb_hide_ctatrue or falseIf set to true hides your click to action button at your Facebook page.

Default: false
fb_popup_titletext/stringThe text displayed as your Facebook pop-over header.

Default: Show Your Support
fb_popup_contenttext/stringThe secondary text displayed below  your Facebook pop-over header title.

Default: Like our Facebook fanpage
fb_button_urlurlThe url to your Facebook pop-over click to action button.

Default: #
fb_button_texttext/stringThe text displayed for the click to action button at your Facebook pop-over.

Default: Contact Us
fb_timernumber/integerThe timing in miliseconds the pop-over will initiate.

Default: 5000 (5 seconds after page fully loaded).

4.7 Recent Comments/Reviews

LocationTheme Widget
(Name Field)
Values to Set
(Links Field)

Required to activate
By default this feature is activated once it's reference tag is displayed.

To display the recent comments, in Blogger dashboard > Layout > at any section click Add a Gadget > select the HTML/Javascript widget.

At the widget's body add this code reference <div id="recent-comments"></div> & include a title if required. Click Save to save your widget.

Drag & drop the widget at any section/placement made available at this BlogrCart theme.

Find below the available custom settings included with the recent comments plugin:-
More Options
comment_displaynumber/integerThe amount of published comments to display for the recent comment widget.

Warning: More comments to display means more bytes to download to render your page.

Default: 5


true or falseSet to false to hide/not show the avatar for each published comments.

Default: true
comment_avatar_sizenumber/integerThe size of the published coments image avatar in pixels.

Default: 48
comment_max_feednumber/integerThe maximum of published comments to retreived form Blogger API

Warning: More comments to display means more bytes to download to render your page.

Default: 10
comment_blog_admintext/stringThe Blogger store admin name used for commenting. If matched Blog Admin comments will not display at recent comments.

Text entered here is case sensitive.

Default: Your Blog Store Name
comment_default_avatarurlThe url to an uploaded image to display as the default avatar image if none is found.

comment_show_moretext/stringIf parameter is set & a text is entered, a custom text link will display after the comment_body

Default: null
comment_bodytrue or falseIf set to false hides/not display the published comment body.

Default: true
comment_charsnumber/integerThe amount of text characters to display if  comment_body set to true

Default: 70
comment_headingtext/stringIf parameter is set & a text is entered, text entered here displays as recent comment heading wrapped in a <h3>...</h3> heading tag.

Default: null

4.8 Post Images Pop-over Overlay (Modal)

The pop over (modal) image overlay effect groups all available images in a product or blog post & displays the images on an image overlay effect.

This is a replacement to Blogger's native image light box effect which has issues displaying in smaller screen sizes, preventing additional javascript library & stylesheets insertions.

LocationTheme Widget
(Name Field)
Values to Set
(Links Field)

Required to activate
By default this feature is activated once an image at product or blog page is clicked.

On larger screen sizes, the pop over modal & image size depends on user's custom settings below.

However, on mobile, the image width will be scaled 100% to the screen width & the height is scaled proportionately.
More Options
image_modal_sizenumber/integerThe amount in px the image size would be during pop over state

Default: 580
image_modal_prevtext/stringThe text or HTML to display as image previous toggle event.

HTML entered here must be parsed to display or render correctly. For instance the < = &lt; or " = &quot; or > = &gt;

Default: <i class="fa fa-angle-right"></i>
image_modal_nexttext/stringThe text or HTML to display as image next toggle event.

HTML entered here must be parsed to display or render correctly. For instance the < = &lt; or " = &quot; or > = &gt;

Default: <i class="fa fa-angle-left"></i>
image_modal_destroytrueIf set to true the image pop over is disabled.

Default: false
This BlogrCart Theme also comes with troubleshooting helpers. If you feel that the configurations set is not functioning as expected, press F12 on your computer keyboard and view your browser Console Logs.

Have a question or having some trouble?

Send it to us using this theme support page here. Our team members would gladly assist you.
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