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Theme Updates

June 2016

Instagram 2016 New API Restrictions

As of 1st June 2016, Instagram have rolled out their new API restrictions. BlogrCart Blogger store theme users are required to register their own Client at Instagram Developer website & use the provided tutorial to get your clientId, userId & accessToken to apply with this theme Instagram settings.

Create & Register an Instagram Client

Tutorial to create & register your Instagram credentials can be found here at

Updating BlogrCart Instagram Plugin

Go to Template HTML > Backup template (if required) > Jump to Widget > find HTML99 > locate <b:includable id='js-add-to-all'> > Expand (by clicking the small black arrow to the left) to view the theme specific functions.

For PRO Theme Version

Locate & select ALL starting & ending below codes:-

// instagram setups
if($('#instafeed').length > 0 ) {

... codes ...

} else {

For Freemium Version

Locate & find below codes:-

$('.list-buttons .btn-support span').text(_text_._btn_support_text);

For PRO Versions replace the selected codes with the updated codes below...

For Freemium versions add the updated codes below, AFTER/BELOW the indicator like so...

  $('.list-buttons .btn-support span').text(_text_._btn_support_text);

  <!-- the new updated codes -->


// instagram setups
if($('#instafeed').length ) {
  var feed = new Instafeed({ 
    get: 'user',
    userId: X123456789, // unique  Instagram user ID
    accessToken:'YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY', // instagram access token from
    clientId:'ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ',   // instagram client ID
    tagName: _instagram_._hashtag,
    sortBy: _instagram_._sortby,
    limit: parseInt(_instagram_._display),
    resolution: _instagram_._image,
    template: '<a class="animation" href="{{link}}" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"><img src="{{image}}" alt="" width="' + _instagram_._image_width + ' height="auto" /></a>' 
} else {

  • Insert your userId at highlighted yellow.
  • Insert your clientID at highlighted cyan
  • Insert your accessToken at highlighted green.

Click Save Template & preview your changes.

Preview your Blogger store & your Instagram post images will display at the assigned section. Further customize how your Instagram post images displayed by using the available parameters assigned with this BlogrCart Instagram plugin.